About us

PyroPure Ltd is a specialist waste technology company based in Farringdon, near Alton, Hampshire, UK, where its administration, research, development and testing facilities are located. The company is dedicated to the PyroPure® product.

There is a team of highly qualified and experienced staff responsible for installation, adaptation and testing of the PyroPure® systems.

The management team and advisers are as follows:

· Engineering Lead: Mike Cook, experienced in successful commercialisation of small-scale hazardous waste treatment systems and innovative engineering products internationally.

· Project Manager: Bob Eaton, 25 years’ experience managing incineration plants and associated Health & Safety accreditation.

· Marketing and IPR: Dr Julian Entwistle, former Sales & Marketing Director with 25+ years in chemical and financial industries.

· Executive Chairman: Peter Selkirk, formerly Chief Executive of Taylor, the world’s leading manufacturer of metal waste containers. He has a track record of successful international commercial introduction of products for the waste and other markets.

· Regulatory: Amy Wolff, formerly technical advisor in the Environment Agency

· Process Engineer: Dr Peter Bartl, Senior Chemical Engineer with extensive background in catalytic conversion technology.

PyroPure Ltd is owned by the Sustainable Technology Fund (managed by Disruptive Capital Finance) and certain investors.

The business has its origins in the medical equipment company, Morgan Automation, now called Morgan Innovation & Technology, which has operated since the 1980’s and specialises in development and manufacture of the advanced Neurotherm pain relief system. The PyroPure® concept was invented in the late 1990’s and in 2002 a separate company was set up to develop the technology under the name Morgan Everett Ltd which went on to win the Carbon Trust and E-Synergy low carbon technology entrepreneur award in 2007. The assets of this company, including staff, were transferred in July 2009 to PyroPure Ltd which has relocated to larger premises and has continued with the project through the development, testing and commercialisation of new versions of PyroPure® technology, incorporating further quality and energy efficiency improvements, winning a Chartered Institute of Waste Management Award for Environmental Excellence in 2010 and gaining further regulatory permissions to operate the system.