Treatment of hazardous waste

Many types of waste are classified as hazardous and require specific handling and treatment often resulting in significant costs for the producer.

Using PyroPure®’s unique small scale pyrolysis process, all organic based waste, including many types of hazardous waste, can be treated (subject to regulatory approval).

For a full list of waste that PyroPure® is able to treat please contact PyroPure Ltd.

Treatment of hazardous waste on site has many advantages over traditional models of waste management.

  1. Economical - As waste does not have to be stored for long periods of time or transported to a waste treatment plant PyroPure® saves storage and transport costs. Hazardous waste disposal is expensive, especially where high temperature incineration is used, and so the total savings in using PyroPure® are very high in these circumstances.
  2. Control - As waste management does not have to be contracted to a third party, the waste producer has total control over their waste.
  3. Hygienic – Bagged waste can be put directly into the PyroPure® unit. As waste is destroyed almost immediately there are none of the issues associated with leaving waste for periods of time.