Treatment of healthcare waste

As the PyroPure® process ensures that all waste reaches a temperature of over 550ºC and the resulting ash from the process is inert PyroPure® is an ideal solution for the treatment of healthcare waste.

Tests on domestic (black bag) and offensive/hygiene (tiger bag) categories have shown that PyroPure® is effective. Destruction of pathogens in infectious waste will occur at the operating temperatures and verification tests are being conducted. In fact, PyroPure® can be expected to treat all categories of healthcare waste with the exception of plaster castes, implanted devices, large equipment, dental amalgam, radioactive wastes and any wastes containing prions (agents of CJD/BSE infection). Sharps, glassware and any other inorganic wastes will be sterilised but not destroyed by the process.

All treatment of clinical waste must conform to relevant national guidelines, in the UK described in the Department of Health Technical Memorandum 07-01: ‘Safe management of healthcare waste’. The waste must be segregated accordingly, placed in the correct container and transported both within and outside the premises according to the relevant rules. As PyroPure® eliminates the need for storage and transport, it is an ideal solution to simplify current methods of waste management.

Using PyroPure® technology the waste management process will consist of the following steps:

Staff place waste into the colour-coded waste bags or containers as usual
Waste bags and containers are loaded  into a nearby PyroPure® unit
The PyroPure® unit sterilises and eliminates the waste onsite

Using PyroPure® avoids the need for a third party to collect and transport the vast majority of healthcare waste to a different location.

Location of PyroPure® units
The ideal location for a PyroPure® unit is onsite, as close to the source of the waste production as possible. This ensures there is no need to sore, collect or transport the waste thereby reducing costs. The unit can be located inside in a sluice room or waste storage area.

If space or utility connections are not available close to the source of the waste, PyroPure® units can be installed in a local waste management station where waste from other  centres can also be treated.

Treatment of healthcare waste on site has many advantages over traditional models of healthcare waste management.

  1. Economical – Storage, collection and transport savings can be made, and expensive, dedicated healthcare disposal facilities are not required. This is particularly important for healthcare waste that currently has to go to specialist incineration facilities and for collections from places that are a long distance away from disposal facilities.
  2. Control – Healthcare facilities have a statutory duty of care to ensure their waste is properly destroyed and by using PyroPure® they can assure this without reliance on third party collection and disposal. Management of collection contracts, performance standards and associated paperwork are also avoided.
  3. Hygiene - As waste is destroyed almost immediately there are none of the hazards associated with storing and transporting this type of waste.