Treatment of nappy and incontinence pad waste

Inco-waste and used nappies from public and commercial premises require specific handling and treatment often resulting in significant costs for the producer.

Using its unique small scale pyrolysis process, a PyroPure® unit is able to treat all organic based waste including incontinence pad and nappy waste, as well as feminine hygiene waste (tampons, sanitary towels).

Treatment of inco-waste on site has many advantages over traditional models of waste management.

  1. Economical - As waste does not have to be stored for long periods of time or transported to a waste treatment plant PyroPure® technology an offer considerable cost savings over current waste management models.
  2. Control - As waste management does not have to be contracted to a third party, the waste producer has total control over their waste.
  3. Hygiene - Waste can be put directly into the PyroPure® unit in designated bags. As waste is sterilised almost immediately there are none of the hygiene, appearance and smell issues associated with storing this type of waste for periods of time.