PyroPure® - the product


PyroPure® is a technology that destroys all non-recyclable waste on site leaving only metal and glass for recycling.

Imagine a bin that never fills, never smells and empties itself leaving no residue and creating no fumes. Using PyroPure® has many environmental benefits; no need for waste collection, no need for landfill or incineration and less greenhouse gases.


PyroPure for     clinical waste treatmentUsing PyroPure® is simple:

Simply place your non recyclable rubbish into a PyroPure® unit and start the cycle. After 3-4 hours the bin will be empty and ready for the next load.

Click here to view the PyroPure process in more detail.


PyroPure® is ideal for:

* High cost waste such as laboratory and clinical waste.
* Remote locations where waste transport costs and environmental impact are higher.
* Waste which is difficult to treat for example waste with a high content of plastic that cannot be recycled.
* Secure locations, such as prisons and consulates where security is high and waste collection is difficult.