PyroPure® and the environment


PyroPure® has been designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible from minimising the amount of material used in production, to ensuring that the components of the PyroPure® machine can be reused or recycled. However it is the use of PyroPure® as part of a zero waste project or recycling program that makes it a revolutionary environmental product.

Sustainable – PyroPure® has been designed to be totally sustainable. The machine itself can be recycled and all the catalytic converters / filters can be reused.

Packaging – The minimum amount of packaging will be used to ensure the PyroPure® units arrive safely at their destination and all packaging will be 100% recyclable

Energy From Waste – The heat produced by PyroPure® can be used to heat water and heat buildings.


The environmental benefits of using PyroPure®

No transport – with PyroPure® no transport is required to take waste to landfill or incineration eliminating fuel pollution and reducing noise pollution and the amount of transport on the road.

Less landfill – All waste put into PyroPure® is diverted from landfill reducing methane emission (methane from landfill is 23 x worse than the same quantity of carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas)

Hygiene – As waste is destroyed within hours of its creation and all waste is sterilised PyroPure® offers unparalleled hygiene.

Self sufficiency – PyroPure® gives control of waste back to the producer. By eliminating the need for collection, transport and disposal, the waste producer can directly control the disposal of waste and is not reliant on third parties.

Zero waste – With PyroPure® businesses can now realistically claim they produce zero waste. When combined with an effective waste minimisation policy and an effective reuse and recycling policy for the first time businesses can be totally self sufficient and send zero waste to landfill or incineration.