Key features of the PyroPure® system

PyroPure® has been designed with the user in mind. To use PyroPure® simply open the lid, place the waste in the chamber, close the lid and press start. The PyroPure® control system will automatically treat the waste without any user intervention required. The clearly visible control panel shows how far the system has gone through the cycle.

Advanced gas cleaning system
All gases produced from the PyroPure® process are cleaned using a software controlled cleaning and filtration system that ensures that all emissions from the PyroPure® process conform to strict legislation.

Control system
Within every PyroPure® system are sensors monitoring every stage of the process allowing the system to self-regulate and adapt itself to different waste loads. PyroPure® will adjust cycle times, temperatures and air injection to ensure that all waste loads are processed efficiently.

Energy recovery
PyroPure® is able to produce energy from the waste treatment process allowing users to use the heat produced by the system for heating systems or hot water.