Why PyroPure®?


It is simple and convenient

As PyroPure® is totally automatic, your waste management could not be easier. Simply place your waste into the machine, press start and PyroPure® will convert the waste into a sterile solid particulate residue and empty it into the sewer system similarly to a washing machine or dishwasher, meaning that waste can be disposed of immediately and at your convenience.

It is clean and safe

PyroPure® treats waste immediately therefore eliminating the smells and hygiene problems often associated with waste. This is particularly important for healthcare and food wastes where health issues can arise if waste is left for a period of time.

It is economical

With landfill taxes and the costs of transportation increasing each year, onsite waste management can offer significant cost savings over traditional waste collection methods. 
For specialist waste such as healthcare waste, incontinence pad waste and some hazardous waste, PyroPure® offers important economic benefits. In addition once PyroPure® is installed, it offers protection against the spiralling costs of conventional waste collection and disposal, including increasing landfill taxes.

It offers many environmental benefits

Zero Waste - As PyroPure® is designed to treat non-recyclable waste it is the perfect tool for any zero waste programme as it can be used to treat the waste that cannot be reused or recycled, thereby eliminating the need for landfill and incineration.

It can treat specialist waste

Specialist waste such as veterinary and healthcare waste require specialist collection, storage and treatment. PyroPure® treats waste immediately and on site therefore avoiding the environmental costs associated with a more traditional system of waste management.